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Think all of you guys love the psychology ones

Think all of you guys love the psychology ones

There is like a doctor fouled. She had something out that there might be a second wave I. Mean we just don’t know right? Think the true test is going to be in a couple weeks after all the protests because there were. Were like I mean some of them, not the one I was at, but like some twenty thousand people outright so a shoulder to shoulder. Yeah, I kind of feel like if we don’t see a spike after that, that’s a good sign. If we do then, yeah, we might be back in a more limited capacity again, but yeah, who knows I? Don’t think anyone knows at this point, so just take. We can get right. But how you’re dealing with the quarantine and the slowly opening up of everything is probably very dependent on your personality type.

Personally think in the episode we did talk about like putting your personality type on your dating profile and I think there is a danger of just leaning too much into that, but I do think there’s going to start to be

Yeah, sure I think that’d be. That exists to what we’re talking about today, which is actually a topic that a lot of people have written in about I? We Love them, too, but I think especially during quarantine. It caused us to reexamine ourselves a bit right like. Like, how what you start personality type? How do I like interact with other people like I? Know like we’re going to go into this in a lot more depth, but in introverts, extroverts like means different things in personality types, but I think one of the surprises I had was I always thought I needed to paras sivusto be like around people all the time and I’m like I kind of like the like a little more isolated I’m not gonNA.

Because that’s all we got onto dating APPS, so I do think there’s GonNa be more of the soft qualities of who someone is that are integrated in some way how that gets executed in TVD, but I think it will be more than just Myers Briggs

GonNa lie like there’s definitely some benefits of it so probably an introverted extrovert. Yeah, I, definitely yeah. I get energy from people still for sure. Yes, and I’m the opposite. I’m an extroverted introvert. I can knee around other people and make other people feel like an extrovert, but they’re all energy vampires for me, and I’m just depleted by the by the end of the day interesting yeah I like a cool down. Link been having difficulty when. When on video calls all day to just keep doing video but I think if I saw a friend, I would feel energized by that interest, a deadly learn a lot more about each other oh. Yes, in this episode. Her personality types and I do have to say that at the time of recording this.

I had no idea what my Myers Briggs was, and I took the test, and I was exactly what I thought I was. So glad to hear that I I did you know it’s interesting ’cause I will go into, but you had I compliment each other. We’re like office in various ways, so we’ll have to dig into more because I. Think it’s. It’s not just your romantic relationships. It’s for us. Were friends were business partners? There’s a lot of other ways that personality types play in, and we’ve been doing this thing that. That we give predictions, which I think has been really interesting once we recorded the episode. Like what do we think is going to happen in the future in I?

Be a world where not just Myers Briggs, but multiple different inputs are basically there that will help dating profiles share different qualities that aren’t just the presets that are there today I remember from the episode we did in season nine with Logan jury about the science of dating. One of the things she said is the reason why that were fixated so much unlike Hyder educationor where someone lives because.


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