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No replies from Gaydar support when I raise queries

No replies from Gaydar support when I raise queries

The app for iPhone consistently fails. Every couple of months I have to jump through hoops to get my password working again. This time it will not reset after five tries – each time it will not accept my reset. So I tried entering the wrong password over an hundred times to see what would happen – nothing! No email from them to express any concern,made me realise that a hacker has unlimited attempts to access my account!

As of 18th the ‘Message…

As of 18th the ‘Message page’ has undergone ‘maintenance’. Today (19th) I now can’t send messages but can read messages received. Ongoing problems since I joined on 8th September include: Unable to view ‘Winks’ that I have sent, ‘Chat’ notifications not showing on home page, all message history from 8th – 23rd September has vanished. Ongoing issues too with ‘Messages’ not loading.

Customer Service Non Existant

I am an intersexed person who is genetically male. I look feminine, Gaydar will not let me upload my photo which is face only as I am a guy who looks quite feminine. This is totally outrageous and a breach of the UKs equality act 2010. I am seriously thinking about taking legal action against this site.

I have contacted customer service over and over again with no reply. They need to sort this out and quickly before this turns into a gender phobic crime.

Terribly designed website

Terrible website, the web format is so badly designed and don’t even try to edit photos with an android phone, very un-user friendly it took me 20 mins just to discover how to reselect a photo, no help, it’s just bad the whole format needs re-designing, this time making it customer friendly, like it used to be. pah!

Useless and very complicated website

Useless and very complicated website. There chat option dosnt work, often bug problems. I have used this website for many years, but last few years the website became more and more complicated, slow and bad, thats why many customers left the website. I will also leave this useless website soon. For many years i have been unable to date even one nice man.

at the beginning Gaydar WAS great

at the beginning Gaydar WAS great: lots of features for paying members. with every overhaul, perks were being scrapped. the new site, even after the owners tell you that all faults and hiccups have been eradicated is a TOTAL WASTE! i have stopped my subscription (which had been running for at least 8 years) and i have switched over to planetromeo where you get value for money. If anyone is thinking of signing up to gaydar and possibly becoming a paying member: there are better sites on the market, much much better ones.

one of the best

IMO the best dating site together with Equalluv. Both work much better than lame dating apps. Just my two cents here.

Its days are numbered.

Gaydar has gone from being the number one gay hookup site to a third-rate irrelevance since its ‘relaunch’ a couple of years ago. What basically seems to have happened is that they belatedly realised the future is in mobile apps, so they built a copy of Grindr or Scruff, only with less functionality and five years too late. Worse still, they harmonised the desktop site with the mobile one, so that the emasculated and sanitised profiles which Apple and Google insist on in order to allow these apps in their app stores are now reproduced on the web version. It’s a vit man Lettiska kvinnligt –ﬧktenskap very pale shadow of its former self and is almost certainly destined to die now. They don’t even seem to be able to attract advertising revenue: every now and then a pop-up appears saying ‘This is an interstitial advertisement’ in place of an actual ad. Sad.


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