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21. Ghosting is common on dating apps and websites

21. Ghosting is common on dating apps and websites

Research shows that four out of five have admitted to postordrebruder til USAs statistikk stretching the truth in some way while looking for love online. This goes as a reminder to not always trust everything you read on someone’s dating profile.

If you look at recent relationship statistics, it’s clear that ghosting continues to be an issue. Ghosting refers to when someone abruptly ends a relationship without telling the other person. The results of one study showed 76% of online daters had ghosted or been ghosted, suggesting that people prefer to disappear than have an honest conversation with their partner. According to the study, Rhode Island experienced the most cases of ghosting while Oregon reported the least number of cases.

22. Nearly half of Americans are single

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 46% of Americans 18 years and older are unmarried, meaning there are roughly 117.6 million singles still out there! That relationship statistic is great news for those still looking for love.

23. Online dating isn’t going anywhere

Some predictions suggest the popularity of online dating will increase by nearly 9% between 2022 and 2028, reaching 5.3 million downloads. This could mean new dating platforms will continue to hit the scene, providing more opportunities for people to make connections.

24. Love is a stressful topic for some

If you tap into relationship statistics, you’ll discover that 47% of people feel stressed about their love lives. Unfortunately, it appears the younger generations are experiencing the most stress around love, as 70% of Gen Z reported feeling stressed out about their love lives, compared to only 27% of Baby Boomers who expressed the same sentiments.

25. Politics plays an important role in finding love

As the nation continues to be politically divided, this division seems to be playing out on the dating apps, too. One report found that 65% of Democrats would be less likely to date a Republican, while 62% of Republicans said the same about dating a Democrat. Nearly half of both Republicans and Democrats expressed more interest in dating someone who shared their political beliefs.

26. Fast dating is out-slow dating is in

The trend of going on as many dates as possible seems to be fizzling out. According to 2024 dating statistics, one in three preferred slow dating. This intentional dating approach favors quality over quantity and is seen as a way to help protect and preserve one’s mental health while dating.

27. Age is just a number

It seems age gaps are considered less taboo these days, with 35% of women saying they’re feeling less judgmental toward age differences in relationships. In fact, 59% of women reported they were open to the idea of dating someone younger. This potentially opens up more opportunities for finding love!

28. Looks and personality continue to be important

Of all the factors to consider when dating, 50% of those polled stated looks and personality are equally important. When broken down further, men rated looks as slightly more important than personality, with women stating the opposite.

29. Most people aren’t willing to go the distance

When it comes to dating someone who lives out of state, more than two-thirds of respondents said they were somewhat or less likely to date that person. While it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker, it does suggest the majority of people prefer to date someone who lives in the near vicinity.

30. Couples are saying “I love you” within four to six months

Not sure when to say those three words? One survey revealed that four to six months is the sweet spot for most couples. Only 14% of respondents preferred waiting until the seven- to nine-month mark.


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